Color makes you happy.

Colorcircus offers products and more around color, style and image consulting.

For 15 years Colorcircus has been spinning!

We develop, design and produce practical and beautiful material around the color and style consultation that is available through the Colorcircus shop .

There, professional color, style and image consultants, trainers and institutes find a multitude of products around their field of activity. We have also developed our assortment for dedicated hairdressers, opticians, make-up artists and similar professional groups.

We only supply professionals: Because we wish for each product a good, expert advice and attach great importance to the professional background behind it. Detailed product details and prices are therefore only available to registered shop visitors.

Enjoy your shopping spree!


In addition to the webshop, which is only completely accessible to logged-in visitors, these Colorcircus pages offer further information on color and style advice and more.

We are also looking forward to hearing from interested end users!
Just look around. Maybe you fall in love with color and you want to know more about the basics of a consultation.

Or are you curious about a personal color and style consultation?

You already work as a consultant or you are interested in an education or training or a network of like-minded?

Even then you are right here.

This is how Colorcircus started in 2003:

Joy of Color - Joie de vivre.

The booklet presented the product overview printed on paper ...

Dear customers, we are building a new consultant page so that your offers can be found by as many prospects as possible.
If you want to be listed as a consultant on the site, you can find more information here.

Do you know which services are offered around the professional color and style consultation ?
A well-trained consultant accompanies each client with expert knowledge and targeted background information.
In addition to the methods of a safe color determination, the exact analysis of stature and individual style recommendations characterise the description of an image consultant. Empathy, communication skills, curiosity, patience and often also creativity are good prerequisites for a successful consulting work.
Many consultants have complementary specializations and round off their range of services in a variety of directions:
  • Make-up artist
  • Hairstyle advice
  • Personal shopping assistant
  • Etiquette
  • Eyewear consulting for end-users and opticians
  • Special services for brides and grooms (clothing, decoration, organisation)
  • Rhetoric and communication skills
  • Sales assistant training
  • Type consultations for people in special living and business situations
  • Wellness and wellbeing offers
  • Etc.

Systems of Color Advice
Sophisticated Color & Image Consultation

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